Rapid rebound from sport injuries



  • Reduces joint and muscle pain, increases circulation and oxygen delivery
  • Accelerates injured tissue regeneration - faster recovery
  • Wearable therapy on the go, anywhere & anytime

The PainShield® system is a novel, therapeutic ultrasound product. The PainShield® device is a wearable, battery powered electronic unit that uses a disposable patch through which it delivers localized energy creating therapeutic effect to relief localized pain and induce soft tissue healing. 





"PainShield significantly reduced my severe knee pain and cured my back pain."

"The PainShield will help get you back in the game in no time."  



PainShield Sport 

Targeted "slow release" ultrasound - The PainShield product uniquely generates and delivers localized, low frequency, low intensity therapeutic ultrasound by a self adhering patch, placed next to the treated area for a period of time.




Body Shield (PRP-20)

PainShield® Kit

PainShield® Sport Kit

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