NG-Shield™ Kit

Nasogastric tube related pain and injury (soft tissue trauma and related complications) causes unnecessary patient suffering and morbidity, may prolong hospitalization and add to the cost of medical care.

Nasogastric intubation can result in nasal septal trauma, nasal ulceration, painful swallowing, sinusitis and esophagitis.

The NG-Shield employs our proprietary acoustic technology onto the Nasogastric tube in such a manner that it markedly reduces the trauma and effective friction of the tube and blocks tube associated pain and discomfort. A recent clinical trial in normal healthy volunteers demonstrated significant improvement in the pain and discomfort associated with NG Tube usage.

In-Vitro studies have shown that our NG-Shield technology is effective in preventing biofilm formation. Therefore, NG-Shield may also be helpful in preventing biofilm and bacterial related complications of Nasogastric tube usage.

NG-ShieldTM, is composed of the NG-ShieldTM device and a disposable clip-on accessory that may be placed on the external portion of any available Nasogastric tube providing pain relief and turning the catheter into an active therapeutic device. 

Prof. Sam Adler Head of Gastroenterology Unit, Bikur Cholim Hospital, Jerusalem, ISRAEL
Today, the NG Shield appears to be a very promising device that can bring relief to patients requiring NG tubes.

Many of our patients require the insertion of a Naso - Gastric tube (NG tube) for various reasons. All of them have pain or discomfort from the indwelling NG tube. Unfortunately, there was no solution, that is, until now.

Recently I carried out a clinical study with the NG Shield in order to determine if the acoustic vibrations of the NG Shield could reduce the pain and discomfort related to NG tubes. The results showed significant reduction in these parameters.

Today, the NG Shield appears to be a very promising device that can bring relief to patients requiring NG tubes.

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NG-Shield has be shown to reduce both nasal and pharyngeal pain and discomfort. Thus preventing NG tube related trauma and complications.  NG-Shield may be easily applied to any available nasogastric tube.

NG-Shield has been shown to be safe as well as markedly reduce Nasogastric tube  associated pain. NG-Shield has received CE Mark. 


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