Personal Ultrasound Machine for Pain

Need a personal ultrasound machine for pain?

Ultrasound therapy is one of the most common methods for pain relief in physical therapy. It involves the application of deep heat or mechanical vibrations on the surface of the affected area in the body. Due to its non-intrusive function and high efficacy for ailments such as arthritis, ultrasound therapy has quickly become a frequently used technology. This was further accentuated by the birth of the home ultrasound machine, a device that makes therapy as easy and convenient as popping a pill.

As pioneers in the field of ultrasound healing, NanoVibronix presents some of the top advantages of using such a machine.

What is a Home Ultrasound Machine?

A personal ultrasound machine for pain designed for in-home use is a small, portable device that can be used for therapy at the comfort of one’s home without the assistance of a medical professional. The portability allows the user to carry it along with them and use as and when needed. For example, a person suffering from arthritis can carry a home ultrasound machine wherever they go and take advantage of it to manage the pain that may arise from the traveling.

Such machines are typically classified on the basis of the range of frequencies and type of ultrasound transduction. Most home-based machines operate in the range of 1MHz and 3MHz, these are hand held devices that require use of conductive gel that may be messy. The NanoVibronix PainShield device, on the other hand, is using 90KHz ultrasound that does not required any gel and is applied using a self-adhesive patch and provides hands-free therapy for up to 6.5 hours daily.

These self-used devices, employ pulsed ultrasonic waves to focus and heal the affected tendon or ligament. Compared to an advanced stationary machine that one finds in a clinic, they are designed to be operated by the individuals themselves without the need for a skilled therapist.

Convenience, ease of use, and unrestricted application are the major benefits of a portable ultrasound machine.


Apart from the obvious benefits of long-term cost effectiveness and ease of use, home ultrasound machines have become popular today because of the following reasons:


Most people prefer to get the treatment at their home rather than having to schedule repeated visits to the physiotherapy clinic. With a portable machine, individuals can execute the therapy right in their home. This allows them to also engage in other activities like working or taking care of a household while receiving the treatment.

Unrestricted Use

One of the main reasons why ultrasound therapy sessions are limited to 10 to 15 minutes each is to avoid tissue heating or damage. Since the machines found in hospitals have a default high frequency setting, they are not recommended for longer use.

The opposite is true for the advanced handheld machines which utilized low-frequency pulses and are safe to be used for longer duration. For example, the PainShield machine from NanoVibronix employs low-frequency, low-intensity pulses known as Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW) technology to heal tissues. Its slow release mechanism is a ground-breaking concept and one that will soon become a standard in physical therapy.

No Need of Supervision

As noted above, at-home personal ultrasound machines for pain can be operated without the assistance or supervision of a therapist. This means one does not have to take appointments or visit a clinic as the therapeutic sessions can be done wherever required.

There is no doubt that ultrasound therapy is the safest and the most common solution for pain relief for ailments like trigeminal neuralgia and osteoarthritis. What makes it more appealing is its availability in portable, handheld versions like the PainShield and WoundShield from NanoVibronix.

Suitable for anything from common aches of the neck and shoulder to slightly more severe ailments like carpal tunnel syndrome, home ultrasound machines are highly effective, affordable, and reliable.

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