How To Care for a Foley Catheter After Surgery

How To Care for a Foley Catheter After Surgery

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Upon successfully completing urological surgery, you may find yourself with an indwelling, or Foley catheter, installed. Indwelling catheters allow urination by obviating muscle control and draining urine directly to a collection bag outside the body. This provides a necessary function at a time when normal urination would not be possible, and it can be a temporary or permanent solution to urological issues. However, Foley catheters do require a certain level of maintenance and proper procedure in order to function correctly and sanitarily. In this guide to how to care for a Foley catheter after surgery, you’ll learn the best practices for keeping your catheter clean and functional, along with information about the tools you’ll need to do so.

Correct Placement

One of the most important things you can do to maintain your Foley catheter is to keep your catheter and collection bag properly placed. Before being discharged from the hospital, your doctor will outfit you with two bags: a “leg bag” for daytime use and a larger drainage bag that you will wear while you sleep. In both instances, it is so important to ensure your drainage bag remains below bladder level, especially when you sleep. This will keep excreted urine from flowing back into the bladder, which can cause infection.

Emptying and Cleaning

Over the course of a day, you should empty your leg bag when it is at 50-percent capacity or every three hours, whichever comes first. Avoid letting the bag become too full, as this can also cause a backup of urine in extreme cases. Your night bag should be emptied first thing each morning. Also, each morning, take time to clean your catheter tube with gentle soap and water, taking care to avoid touching the opening of the tube with your fingers, as this would introduce bacteria into the catheter. This time will also allow you to screen for any swelling, discharge, odor, or any other issues you would need to discuss with your urologist.

Ultrasound Maintenance

If you are particularly susceptible to infections or are simply conscious about avoiding a urinary tract infection while catheterized, you may want to take additional precautions regarding how to care for a Foley catheter after surgery and keep this equipment safe and clean. The NanoVibronix UroShield is a portable ultrasound therapy machine that emits ultrasonic waves directed at the tube of your Foley catheter, which prevents the accumulation of harmful bacterial colonies, or “biofilm,” along the interior surface of the tubing. By staving off urinary tract infections that could result from bacteria within the catheter, you can take large steps to keep yourself healthy during your recovery.

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