Ultrasound Therapy Machine

PainShield, WoundShield, and UroShield Ultrasound Therapy Machines

Therapeutic ultrasound is a commonly used treatment modality within physiotherapy clinics. This technology is used to apply deep heat as well as mechanical vibrations to soft tissues including tendons, muscles, ligaments and joints.

Ultrasound machine for physical therapy that are used in clinics, requires skilled therapist, use of conductive gel and treatment time is limited to 10-15 minutes to avoid tissue heating and related damage due to the high frequency and intensity of these devices.

The PainShield and the WoundShield therapeutic ultrasound machines are emitting low frequency/low intensity waves that partially penetrate the skin under the transducer and partially propagate around it over the skin surface providing therapy in 10cm diameter.

The major therapeutic response is cause by the mechanical effect, which leads to an increase in blood circulation and help speed cellular processes that leads to expedited healing of injured tissue. This type of portable ultrasound physiotherapy treatment can take place at home, no need for professional therapist to apply, no messy gel is required and duration of application is not limited (can also be applied overnight).

The use of low power and low-frequency ultrasound therapy machine with very low tissue heating can be considered a “slow release” mechanism that may become the standard care in the treating of various lesions and pain from soft tissues, nonunion fractures, skin ulcers and chronic wounds.

The UroShield is another member of the NanoVibronix family of portable ultrasound therapy machines that is applied on indwelling urinary Foley catheters and helps prevent bacterial adhesion, biofilm formation that will lead in most cases to Urinary Tract Infection that would require hospitalization and IV antibiotic therapy.


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