Urology Therapy Device

UroShield is a urology therapy device that is composed of two components:

Disposable Clip – Intended for single use and to be discarded with catheter replacement.

Driver – A portable unit (AC or battery powered) that provides power to the disposable clip.

The ultrasonic waves generated by the clip create an acoustic shield on the surfaces of the catheter to interfere with the attachment of bacteria, prevent bacterial biofilm formation, the development of infections and may eliminate or reduce the need for antibiotics.

UroShield is designed to:

  • Prevents biofilm formation
  • Decreases bacteriuria/UTI
  • Reduces catheter pain and discomfort
  • Increases antibiotic efficacy

The clip-on UroShield urology therapy device can be attached to all external urinary tract catheters providing potential relief from spasm and catheter pain.



FDA allows distribution of the UroShield device in the US under its Enforcement Discretion during Covid-19 Pandemic

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Designed to Prevent Formation of Biofilm on Catheters


Indwelling urinary catheters are a common device used by clinicians to resolve urinary retention problems. Regardless of the material the catheter is made of, bacteria will adhere to its surface and within a short period of time will colonize to form a biofilm that will contaminate the catheter surface. This biofilm dramatically increases the risk of the patient acquiring a Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI). UroShield is a disposable ultrasound device designed to reduce biofilm, this is accomplished by generating and propagating low frequency low intensity ultrasonic energy throughout the catheter.

Ultrasound interferes with the bacteria’s touch sensors discouraging bacterial docking on the catheter and leading to reduction of bacterial colonization and biofilm, thereby reducing risk of CAUTI. UroShield can be attached to any indwelling urinary catheter, transforming it into a therapeutic device. The Uroshield can relieve Foley catheter pain, reduce urinary tract infections, alleviate spasms, and help any inconveniences caused by the use of any type of indwelling urinary catheter.

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UroShield Testimonials

“My husband’s stroke affected the left side of his body including some speech. Also, his bladder, leading to a catheter being fitted which we assumed was temporary. Unfortunately, this was not the case. He then had lots of problems over the next 6 months, which lead to a permanent catheter being fitted.

During this time, my husband had lots of blockages, which have caused infections, discomfort and pain – and lots of embarrassment due to accidents. This has also been hard on myself and my husband, being unsure of where and when we can plan visits on long journeys to family.

In December 2017, while visiting family, my husband had a severe blockage and was put on antibiotics. Doctors suggested going to our hospital on our return. Then in January 2018 we went back to the hospital for tests on his catheter, where we were offered a chance to use the UroShield device.

My husband was then fitted with it, wearing it 24 hours a day. He has  had no blockages or infections, improving day to day life and we would both recommend this to other people who also suffer like my husband has.”

Wife telling about husband - 71 Years Old - Male

“UroShield is life-changing and has changed my outlook on life. I was depressed with catheter blockages happening every day. Now I’m free to go out in my wheelchair without the worry of by-passing. I would be absolutely devastated If UroShield was taken away from me.

I have not had a UTI since using UroShield, my bladder washouts decreased from once a day to once a month and I no longer take bladder spasm medication. UroShield has greatly reduced the need for a bladder irrigation under general anaesthetic, with no need to attend hospital to have catheter changes due to blockages. My catheter only needs to be changed now when it’s due to be changed.”

LC 65 Years Old - Female

“Following the use of the indwelling catheter, I started experiencing frequent urinary tract infection episodes. Every few months I was hospitalized and treated with antibiotics to fight the reoccurring infections. Three years ago I started using NanoVibronix’s UroShield. I must say that it has improved my quality of life dramatically; I’m so used to it now that when I remove it in order to go the shower I feel “something is missing” in my body. God bless you.”

YI 84 Years Old - Male

“I’m tetraplegic as a result of spinal cord damage and have a suprapubic catheter. For years I’ve been plagued with regular bladder infections every six weeks to two months, particularly E. coli., although these became much less frequent after I started using open-tipped catheters. Subsequently I have used the UroShield as part of an evaluation for six months and can report that I have been infection free all that time. Noticeably there is much less brown guck than there used to be clinging to the balloon when the catheter is changed every month, and some months none at all.

It’s just great to have a medical advance like this after years of nothing happening with bladders and infection. The good thing is it is non-invasive and if this one device keeps one person out of hospital for one night for emergency IV antibiotics for potential urosepsis, it’s paid for itself.”

TA 65 Years Old - Female, Scotland

“I have worked with the patient for almost 4 years now. In this time, I have witnessed how much the constant urine infections have hounded her, with an infection every 4-6 weeks regardless of many preventative measures being taken. All areas of her life have been severely affected by the infections and in addition, she has experienced pain and confusion, catheter bypassing and blockage.

In the last 90 days of using UroShield, I can honestly say that mentally and physically, these have been the best I have known her to be. She is not at all depressed with ‘life’ as she used to be and has been able to enjoy her life again after such a debilitating time.

Her general energy levels are much better, she is not in constant pain or confused, has not bypassed once or had a UTI and is much brighter in her personality and is far more motivated and confident.”

Personal Nursing Assistant about her Female Patient, UK

“Since my mother in law has had the UroShield treatment, it has made a dramatic difference.

Prior to this, she was experiencing regular UTI’s and this was having a significant impact upon her health and well-being.  She was extremely withdrawn and isolated due to the impact of the infections. They were making her physically weak, preventing her having the strength to go out which in turn affected her emotional well-being. Regular UTI’s caused pain and discomfort which reduced her appetite and impacted on her sleep.

Since she has been using UroShield, the UTI’s have stopped and we as a family have noticed a significant difference in our loved one. She is now engaging in social activities and socially motivated to participate in family events and go out. Her physical health has improved which in turn has improved her appetite and sleep pattern. She has become more engaged and now looks forward to the future, being able to plan events knowing a UTI will not cause a cancellation.

We as a family are very grateful for the current UroShield treatment she is receiving.”

Daughter in Law, UK

“My father is an 89 year old sufferer of Motor Neurone Disease and as a result of the progressive symptoms, my father became double incontinent. Dad attended the Urology Clinic at the Hospital, for routine catheter changes. However, he started to suffer many UTI’s but perhaps more common, his catheter would block with bladder ‘debris’ which meant that he would either ‘by-pass’ or go into urinary retention.  Dad’s catheter required changing and due to his immobile situation, this facility was not possible from the community and he needed to go to the hospital.

Dad had an extortionate number of catheter changes, to the point he had three changes over the period of one weekend. The trauma this causes him at that time and for the next few days is indescribable and was regularly admitted into hospital due to UTI’s. On average, his admission was for 5-7 days while he was given intravenous antibiotics.

The nursing staff gave us the opportunity to try the UroShield device and I can say with certainty that for the next twelve months, Dad did not have need to attend the hospital emergency department for a change due to blockages, nor did he in need treatment for a UTI. My father’s improvement in health, lack of UTI’s and lack of hospital admissions, in the absolute opinion of my brother and I, is wholly a result of UroShield – it can be nothing else. This device has become a life saver for Dad as his infections in the past had been so severe.”

Patient’s son, UK

“UroShield is having brilliant results in patients struggling with recurrent UTI’s and catheter blockages, relieving some of their catheter-related pain, discomfort and bladder spasms. It is helping to improve quality of life, giving some people more confidence to be out and about without worrying about spontaneous catheter related complications.”

Consultant Urologist - London, UK

“For the patients using the UroShield device, it has had a huge beneficial effect with reductions in blockages, catheter changes, use of bladder maintenance solutions and catheter changes.

One patient dropped from seven blockages in 1 month to none over the next 3 months. Another patient had experienced 10 infections in the 3 months prior to trying the UroShield and often needed hospitalization, this  dropped to 2 over the following 3 months and these were treated with one dose of oral antibiotic.  She felt that the device also reduced the pain she experienced with spasm, to the extent that even her bowel care was more comfortable.

The wife of one patient swears that without the use of the UroShield, her husband would no longer be with us, as he had multiple infections and was resistant to many of the antibiotics.  In the weeks he has been using the UroShield he did not have any infection.

One of the things which stood out for me was the improvement in patients mental state, they were experiencing less pain, were able to go out with more confidence and were generally a lot happier.

Because there were less infections, fewer antibiotics needed to be prescribed, and due to less blockages there were less visits by the community staff and fewer visits to the hospital or my clinic for emergency catheter changes. UroShield is making a dramatic difference to my patients’ lives.”

Urology Nurse Experience, Specialist for Benign Disease

“I worked full time as a senior doctor until diagnosed to have Prostate Carcinoma and my world suddenly changed overnight. As well as being a clinician – I also became a patient. As soon as I came out of the operating theatre, I was totally unable to pass urine and a urethral catheter was inserted. Unfortunately, I needed a permanent catheter and had a supra pubic catheter inserted with Flip Flow Valve.

But unfortunately, the side effects of long term catheter use became apparent – numerous UTIs needing antibiotics, bladder spasms and worst of all, diminished flow, due to build-up of Biofilm which was quite visible and eventually causing a blockage which needed hospital attendance for bladder washout and change of catheter.

In January 2019, my Urologist informed me about the UroShield device he read about in a report in the Urology Journal. It is now 17 months since I began using UroShield and I have had no blockage of the catheter and no bladder spasm, no UTIs and no attendances at the hospital emergency department.

UroShield prevents Biofilm and blockages with the urinary flow out of the catheter remaining the same throughout the life of the catheter.

I am also a very keen photographer and I am now quite confident of going out as I now live and travel with UroShield and without fear of a blocked catheter.  I recommend the UroShield for all patients with long term catheters.”

SD 68 Years Old - Male (MD)

“MC has an indwelling catheter as a result of loss of bladder control due to Multiple-Sclerosis. MC suffered from bladder spasms, pain, burning and discomfort at the catheter site. Since using UroShield:

  • MC noticed less pain and discomfort within hours.
  • After one day, MC slept through the night, and continues to sleep through the night more often than not.
  • Urinary tract infections have been eliminated with ongoing treatment.
  • Bladder spams have been reduced dramatically.

MC is generally feeling better and has a greater desire to be social, thereby improving relationships and overall quality of life”

MC 72 Years Old - Female

“Amazing! The NanoVibronix UroShield has completely changed my life! I tried almost every other solution and still suffered from frequent and painful issues with my Foley Catheter. Using UroShield, I experienced results almost immediately. No more discomfort! I have my life back thanks to UroShield.

TJK 54 year old male

“I’ve been using a urinary catheter for years. Over that time, I have dealt with the chronic pain and discomfort that comes with daily catheter use. The NanoVibronix UroShield is different. It’s easy to use and has dramatically improved my experience. Thank you.”

BF 48 year old female


most common questions already answered

Yes. It can be used with catheters made of silicone, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), latex rubber, siliconised latex, and all other catheter materials.
The UroShield® can be used with urinary catheter sizes 14, 16, 18, 20, and 22 French.
No. The actuator is for use with a single catheter only and should be disposed of when the catheter is replaced.

Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW) Technology


NanoVibronix proprietary ultrasound technology enables creation of a miniature ultrasound transducer that can generate low-frequency, low-intensity ultrasound energy through flexible materials surfaces.

The UroShield device harnesses the power of this technology to generate ultrasonic surface acoustic waves (SAW) via an actuator that is clipped on to the external portion of any indwelling urinary catheter. The waves are transmitted directly onto the indwelling catheters at frequencies of 90 kHz and propagate throughout the catheters entire length and on both its inner and outer lumens.

These waves acquire two vectors as shown in Fig. 1A. A longitudinal vector that spreads parallel to the wave propagation X axis along the catheter surface, triggering horizontal particle displacement.

Another transversal compression wave component develops on the Y axis in the direction of surrounding tissues or fluid. Consequently, the entire catheter is covered with a virtual vibrating acoustic coating.

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