Using a Back Pain Relief Machine for Long-Term Relief

Looking for a long-term solution that helps get rid of back pain? Not comfortable exploring surgical methods that are known to have side-effects? The wisest choice then is to embrace ultrasound therapy. With a back pain relief machine that employs low-intensity, low-frequency ultrasonic waves to treat pain and heal soft tissue injuries, NanoVibronix aims to bring this well-established medical technology to the masses.

Here are some of the reasons why ultrasound therapy is the best option for relief from pain in the spine or back.

Why Use a Back Pain Relief Machine?

Back pain is one of the most common ailments in the world with statistics pointing to about 80 percent of adults being affected by it globally. The acute discomfort that one feels anywhere on the spine or back is a common ailment that mostly affects adults in the age group of 30 to 50 years.

While early cases (in the youth) can be controlled through a variation in lifestyle, back pain can get severe as a person ages. According to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), back pain is the third-most common reason for a visit to the doctor office. This made NanoVibronix focus on the benefits of ultrasound therapy and why it should be practiced by more people for back pain treatment.

There are various ways to prevent and cure back pain. Stretching exercises and medications are usually prescribed which when combined with physical therapy produce better results.

Ultrasound Therapy is Safe and Painless

Because an ultrasound back pain relief machine uses ultrasonic waves that penetrate through the skin and help heal the muscles and ligaments under it, the person does not f

eel pain while being treated. The advanced Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW) technology utilizes an ultrasound transducer incorporated in an adhesive patch and delivers the ultrasonic energy to relieve pain and expedite soft tissue healing.

PainShield by NanoVibronix is one of the most sought-after back pain relief machines in the market because of its ease of use, faster healing time, and effective pain relief.

Accessible Pain Management

Since a person can use a back pain relief machine at the comfort of one’s home, it has become the preferred method for instant pain relief. For example, a marketing professional who spends majority of her time sitting and working on a computer can wear the PainShield while at work. This will not affect her work, and instead will give instant relief from back pain.


Ultrasound has superior therapeutic effect on pain and tissue healing. This makes it a great alternative to surgery and medications. A back pain relief machine that uses ultrasonic waves to heal does not come with any drawbacks or any negative side effects. It is a simple device that one can use anywhere and anytime without the assistance of a therapist.

If back pain has been causing difficulties at both work and personal life, then PainShield is a must-have. According to NanoVibronix, paying attention to one’s health by maintaining a balanced diet and engaging in exercises along with occasional use of a back pain relief machine is the best way to lead a happier life.

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