Ultrasound for Wound Healing

Discover NanoVibronix’s propriety acoustic technology with a device that delivers ultrasound for wound healing. Our patented technology allows us to create small portable transducers like the Woundshield that produce low-frequency and low-intensity ultrasound designed for treating painful foot disorders, leg pain, injuries, and more. With countless years of experience in delivering medical technology to the industry, NanoVibronix offers revolutionary products unlike anything on the market.

WoundShield accelerates wound healing while enhancing oxygen and topical drug delivery, providing all the medical benefits of ultrasound therapy for wound healing in one small package

  • Accelerates healing of chronic and acute wounds
  • Improves local blood circulation and oxygenation
  • Hands-free, portable and easy to use

WoundShield can be incorporated to Negative Pressure Wound Therapy providing a synergetic wound healing effect. With its unique low-frequency and low-intensity, this product expedites healing. Patients will start to experience the therapeutic benefits of ultrasound for wound healing immediately.



Advanced Ultrasound for Wound Healing Treatment for Wound Therapy

Ultrasound therapy is a well-established medical technology used by medical professionals, for many years supported by a wide range of evidence within the clinical literature, for the treatment of pain and various soft tissue injuries.
WoundShield is an advanced therapeutic ultrasound system that accelerates wound healing by increasing blood flow, enhancing tissue oxygen and increasing fibroblast migration leading to angiogenesis and tissue regeneration.

Wound Care Made Simple and Efficient

WoundShield therapeutic ultrasound includes a portable, battery powered electronic unit that uses an actuator that is applied adjacent to the wound and delivers localized energy creating a therapeutic effect, without interfering with the wound dressing. WoundShield increases blood flow and enhances oxygen level in the tissue which in turn accelerates wound healing. Product may be integrated with the Negative Pressure Wound Therapy to provide a synergetic wound healing effect.

For more information about our ultrasound for wound healing device, make sure to contact the NanoVibronix team today.

WoundShield Testimonials

“My experience with WoundShield has shown that it is highly effective in treating painful foot disorders including heel spur syndrome, tendon disease and wound pain. I am currently performing a clinical trial evaluating the effectiveness of WoundShield on patients suffering from diabetic foot ulcers and initial results are very promising.”

Dr. Jonathan Rosenblum Director of Diabetic Foot Service, Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem, ISRAEL

“Following my car accident, I was dealing with immense pain in my upper leg. While the bruising faded, the wounds took forever to heal. I looked everywhere for a solution. A friend showed me the NanoVibronix WoundShield and I could not be happier. I am completely healed thanks to the WoundShield, and I cannot speak highly enough of its usefulness.”

QN 34 year old male

“The NanoVibronix WoundShield is a miracle worker, plain and simple. Following my surgery, I felt as if my affected area was not healing fast enough. I needed to get back to work, but my body wasn’t ready. Then I came across the WoundShield and it changed everything. Easy to use, this product helped me get better fast. Thank you so much WoundShield!”

KP 56 year old male

“My wife started using the NanoVibronix WoundShield to help her recover from an injury. While she was getting better, she needed a boost. That’s where the WoundShield came in. The results were immediately clear. We are so happy with this product and highly recommend it.”

DGS 32 year old female


most common questions already answered

The patch should never be placed on an open wound; it should be placed on the healthy skin nearby the wound
The WoundShield ultrasound therapy may produce only slight warming.
Please contact NanoVibronix' local representative.
The user should ensure that ultrasound transducer is placed directly on healthy skin next to the wound and the applicator is in full contact with the skin.

Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW) Technology

Enabling Advanced Therapeutic Ultrasound


NanoVibronix proprietary acoustic technology enables creation of miniature transducers that transmit low-frequency, low-intensity ultrasound through skin surface and uses Surface Acoustic Waves to heal tissue.

Additional benefits include:

  • Increase of blood supply and oxygen to the wound bed and periwound
  • Used daily for 6.5 hours for optimal outcomes
  • May be applied during sleep or daily activities


WoundShield actuator is applied on the healthy tissue next to the wound and the emitted ultrasound penetrates and propagates along the tissue while generating mechanical effects such as acoustic streaming and deep tissue micro vibrations.

These effects lead to Bio-Physical changes that help accelerate therapy. The achieved therapeutic effects include tissue rebuilding: protein and collagen synthesis, fibroblast proliferation and angiogenesis.

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