This research explored the potential of NanoVibronix technology to enhance epidermal and dermal structures in human skin explants. The research was performed at BIO-EC laboratory, Paris, FRANCE


The goal – explore the potential of NanoVibronix technology in stimulating regeneration of epidermal and dermal structures of human skin explants.
The evaluation methods – Observation of general morphology and visualization of different biological precursors or indicators after immuno- staining.


Explants were put into six wells culture plate and treated by one of four protocols:

  • No treatment – control
  • Stimulation in continuous mode – Continues mode – stimulation for10 minutes per day. Treatment was repeated at days: D1, D2, D3, D6,D7, D8 and D9.
  • Stimulation with intermittent period – Intermittent mode – total of 6minutes of situation including 3 cycles with stimulation for 2 minutes and intermission of 2 minutes. Treatment was repeated at days: D1, D2, D3, D6, D7, D8 and D9.
  • Stimulation by topical reference product (Retinol) – Retinoic Acid – applied topically to explants with 2 mg per explants. Products have been applied on D0, D3, D6 and D8.


  • Immunostaining

Treatment with intermittent mode induces marked increase cytokeratin 14, slight increase in neutral GAGs and Collagen III, while a decrease in Ki67 and Collagen IV was observed

  • Quantification of epidermal thickness and CK14 intensity

Treatment with intermittent mode induces a significant increase of approx. 75% and 80% in epidermal thickness and CK14 expression in comparison to the untreated explants, respectively.


According to these results, Nanovibronix stimulation with intermittent mode induces a very clear epidermal stimulation with a good cellular morphology compared to the Retinol Tx.
Stimulation with intermittent mode induces:

  • A clear basal cytokeratin 14 over expression.
  • A slight neutral GAGs over expression.
  • A slight collagen III over expression.
  • A clear decrease of cells in mitosis.
  • No collagen IV over expression.
  • No blood vessels stimulation.

These results show that treatment with Nanovibronix’s ultrasound technology in intermittent mode has a clear epidermal activity and a slight neutral GAGs stimulation close to the dermal epidermal-junction indicating enhancement of skin tissue regeneration.

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